Sunday, June 27, 2010

Rapid Lash Review FINAL REVIEW

I can sum it up in 2 words.


IT WORKS IT WORKS IT WORKS!!!! (okay, that was 6 words...but you get the sentiment).

For the first 4 weeks there was no evidence of it working...but I kept at it. I applied it every night after washing my face. Faithfully applying it night after night. My vanity had honestly hit a new low, with me checking out my reflection. Very very intently.

At about the 4 to 5 week mark, I couldn't be sure. Was it working? Were my eyelashes longer?

At about the 6 to 7 week mark, I was thinking that they were definitely longer than before...but I was still unsure. I was asking the girls at work (who I only see 2 days in a row, once a week) if they could see a difference... and they thought my eyelashes looked longer

By about the 8 week mark, it was certain. My eyelashes were longer. And as a matter of fact, applying mascara became a cumbersome act. My eyelashes are so long, and so naturally curly that I get mascara ALL OVER my eyelid every single time I apply mascara.

On Thursday I went to the AGO with my son, a little earthquake shook Toronto, and rumours of 300 protestors wearing gas masks (G20's in Toronto) in the vicinity of the Art Gallery made me decide to leave for my safe haven...Greektown. As I was leaving I ran into a girl on a bicycle and I asked her what was going on down University Ave (it turned out to be a peaceful protest)...and in the middle of her describing the situation to me she interrupted herself to ask me "Are those your eyelashes?!?". LOL.. I told her about RapidLash. And there were 10 cops on bikes nearby eavesdropping. LOL.

The stuff isn't cheap - it's $59 for a tube, but I'm running on over 10 weeks now with it... At about the 10 week mark I started growing in my eyebrows for a younger, fresher, fuller look... and I've been applying the RapidLash to my eyebrown area for a little boost. Apparently each tube lasts about 3-4 months... but it's WELL worth the results.

Once your lashes get really long, go get them tinted black! You'll never need mascara again!

Sunday, June 6, 2010


It's that time of year when we should all be thinking about sunscreen... I mean, technically we should be using sunscreen year-round (in the Northern Hemisphere the sun is actually closer to the earth in winter time - ha, who knew?). light of the fact that summer is definitely here I just wanted to share my thoughts about SUNSCREEN!!!

There are 3 types of sunscreen out there: Physical sunscreens, Chemical Sunscreens, and a combination of both.

Physical sunscreens are made of either (or a combination of both) Zinc Oxide and Titanium Dioxide. Remember the movies from the 80's? The lifeguards on the beach with the white on their noses? Yeah... physical sunscreen. A physical sunscreen has small mineral particles that sit on your skin and REFLECT THE SUNLIGHT AWAY. So it doesn't even hit your skin. It would be the equivalent of wearing tiny little hats all over your skin. Today's technology allows for Zinc Oxide and Titanium Dioxide to be milled superfinely - you shouldn't look white or pasty when covered in a physical sunscreen.

Chemical sunscreens are every other type of sunscreen other than Zinc Oxide or Titanium Dioxide... Parsol 1789, Oxybenzone, avobenzone, PABA, Mexoryl, etc.

It is MY PERSONAL BELIEF that chemical sunscreens are dangerous and can lead to cancer...and oddly enough studies of late have been backing up my personal little theory.

Chemical sunscreens require about 20-30 minutes of time to absorb into your skin to form a chemical bond that prevents your body from absorbing UV rays, whereas physical sunscreens provide immediate protection upon application.

I do not wear chemical sunscreens...

My favorite physical sunscreens include the ones by Juice Beauty which come in an SPF15 and SPF 30, Cliniderm makes one in an SPF45 (this one is my personal fave), and Avene makes them all the way up to SPF50. Avene used to be one of my fave brands, until the started replacing some of the natural oils in their ingredients with Mineral Oils (bad bad bad). So read the labels, especially on the Avene ones, just to make sure they haven't snuck in some mineral oil.

The Juice Beauty ones come in Light, Medium, and Dark, so they're like tinted moisturizers. If you're highly sensitive, this brand might not work for you because they have a lot of fruit juices in them (AHAs). Sephora has a full money-back guarantee, so you can always return them if they give you a reaction - they are definitely worth a try though (unless you're crazy sensitive - then just stay away!).
Cliniderm is made by dermatologists to address the most sensitive of skin types. If you're highly sensitive, source this brand out. Honestly...if you can't find it near where you live, then get it on eBay - it truly IS the best!
Avene goes on a little bit white, so they really only seem to work for the palest of skin tones - the rest of us either shouldn't use them, or get to used to the grey, pallid complexion it leaves behind.