Sunday, February 6, 2011

Biotherm SkinErgetic Anti-Fatigue Serum

Biotherm recently launched this all-new, almost all-natural serum to fight signs of fatigue. Their target audience are women 30-45 years old (woo hoo... thats ME!!!) and their tag line is "So signs of fatigue dont turn into signs of aging".

Sounds good, right?

This serum is made with 99% natural origin ingredients, is free of petro-chemicals, mineral oils, silicones, parabens, and the such. This is GREAT news for me!

It is loaded with sulforaphane from Broccoli, Apple Extract, soy protein, and AHAs from sugar and lemon. It is a light serum, that rapidly absorbs, so that you can apply your favorite moisturizer right over top. These plant ingredients work together to fight 5 major signs of fatigue, such as loss of radiance, uneven complexion, visible pores, a grainy skin appearance, and roughness).

I was lucky enough to get a full-sized bottle right when it launched and have really liked using it! For starters, it smells FANTASTIC! The fragrance is natural and smells fruity and fresh! Secondly, you get to "activate" the serum yourself, which is SO COOL! It comes with a special lid that you place on top of your bottle, then *click* to release the broccoli sulfuraphane. You take off the empty lid (I think its recycleable), then you replace it with the dropper, and shake shake shake to release the potency of the fresh ingredient throughout the serum. Pretty fun!

There is a small label that allows you to record the date, because the good folks at Biotherm want you to remember that it is at its maxium efficiency for THREE MONTHS from the date you activated it.

My skin is combination dry, and throughout the winter months I have been LOVING loading thick and rich creams on my face. This serum went on beautifully under my moisturizers! I discovered that the AHAs in this serum dried me out ever so slightly, so I had to use the thickest and richest cream in my arsenal to counteract that! I bet I wouldnt have this problem once spring and summer hit, but because my skin is experiencing record dryness this winter, it felt a bit too taut without a rich moisturizer piled over my SkinErgetic serum.

Did I notice a difference in my skin?

After using the serum for just under a week, I can tell you that my complexion GLOWS. I absolutely adore that it is almost entirely natural and that there are no mineral oils or silicones in it!

If you work hard and its starting to show in your skin, I think you oughta try this serum! It is only $58, and should last you 3 months if you are using it twice a day!

I loved it, and I will be trying the Skin*Ergetic Rich Day Cream next...

Have you tried this serum, or any of the other Skin*Ergetic products from Biotherm yet? How did you like them?

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