Sunday, September 26, 2010

Smashbox Targed Pore and Line Primer

OMG! I'm in love!

Smashbox, the geniuses who make the world's best foundation primer finally came out with a primer specifically for fine lines. Oh yeah, and large pores, but my concern here is more the fine lines!

I have these teeny tiny fine lines around my eyes and when I wear concealer, they slowly creep into the lines making me look 10 years older. I hate that.

I've tried so many different eye creams and primers, even ones that aren't meant for the eye area, in an effort to stop this concealer-creepage. The closest thing I've had that worked was the Roc epulse, but that felt SO drying around my eye area, that I've abandoned using that product.

This stuff actually works! Pores and fine lines instantly disappear. The best part is that it goes OVER TOP of your moisturizer, so you're not drying out your skin by sealing it in with silicones without moisture underneath.

But even then, this primer is loaded with moisture-rich ingredients like Shea Butter, Murumuru butter, Avocado Oil, Vitamin E, and Glycerin.

As soon as you apply it, fine lines disappear. Of course, this is an optical illusion due to the high concentrations of Dimethicone. When you wash the primer off, your fine lines will still be there. But the best part is... YOUR CONCEALER WILL STAY PUT!!! All day long. No joke!
Some other users have reported sensitivity (mild heat/tingling) when applying it to the eye area. The instructions actually say you can use it on Crow's feet, but I've rubbed it directly below my eye (inside the orbital bone) with ZERO sensitivity...

I haven't used this around my mouth yet, but I bet it would prevent my red lipstick from bleeding! Next time I do red lips, I'll try it and report back.

In the meantime, GOOD LUCK finding this's pretty much sold out everywhere! But it's worth calling your local Smashbox retailer to put your name on a waiting list.

This stuff is GOLD!!!
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  1. Thanks for this review. I'm looking for something to stop my concealer creasing (so annoying!) this is now on my list to try :-)

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